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Our Story

Faced with the impending doom of having to join the family circus - one girl decided it was time to stand up for what she loved to do and setup her own Craft Circus. Starting small in 2012 her circus was home to only a few wild brands of craft supplies but she continued to work hard on her dream, and a few years down the line with the help of friends and family she was successful in making Craft Circus well known all over Pakistan.

 When craft supplies are the need of the hour....come browse by Craft Circus, home to the craftiest craft supplies in town!

 Today Craft Circus showcases the leading international brands of craft supplies from around the world. With an online presence and continued participation in the leading craft shows across town, we are your preferred one stop shop for all your craft materials. If we don't have what you are looking for drop us a message over email or contact us on our Facebook page; we'll see how we can help you.