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Rust-Oleum Economy Spray Grip Ttool


Rust-Oleum Economy Spray Grip Ttool


The Rust-Oleum Economy Spray Grip Accessory makes it easier for you to apply spray coatings. It changes the release mechanism from pressing down on the nozzle to pulling a trigger. This Rust-Oleum comfort grip has a safety lock that prevents paint from spraying unexpectedly. The trigger action of the can allows it to dispense a smooth, professional finish. You can utilize this tool for any big spray paint job, from large tasks to hobby projects. Installation is fast and easy, and this unit is compatible with standard Rust-Oleum spray cans.
Rust-Oleum Economy Spray Grip:
  • Easy slide-on grip fits any spray can
  • 2-finger trigger minimizes fatigue
  • Provides more control for a professional finish
  • For more control and a smoother coating
  • Keeps hands clean by positioning fingers away from the nozzle
  • Rust-Oleum grip paint trigger sold in packs of 1 or 2
  • Easy to install and remove as needed


Instructions: . 1 Point nozzle of spray can way from you. 2 Grasp Spray Grip from top and slide onto valve rim. 3 Aim can and pull trigger to begin spraying. To remove, slide Spray Grip backward off of valve rim. Do not shake can while holding Spray Grip


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